12-14 September 2019 at Loughborough University in London

/// London Organising Chairs

Tincuta Heinzel (Loughborough University), Sara Robertson (Royal College of Art), and Rebecca Stewart (Imperial College London)

/// Textiles and Architecture Track Programme Chairs

Delia Dumitrescu (University of Borås), Aurélie Mossé (ENSAD Paris), and Mariana Popescu (ETH Zürich)

/// Textiles and Interaction Programme Chairs

Jussi Mikkonen (SDU Kolding), Irene Posch (University of Arts Linz), and Afroditi Psarra (University of Washington Seattle)

/// Textile Materialities and Processes Programme Chairs

Berit Greinke (Berlin University of the Arts), Lewis Jones (Loughborough University), and Manuel Kretzer (Anhalt University of Applied Sciences Dessau)

/// Critical Textiles Programme Chairs

Fiona Curran (Royal College of Art, London), Nithikul Nimkulrat (OCAD University, Toronto), Oscar Tomico (ELISAVA Design and Engineering school Barcelona/ TU Eindhoven)

/// Exhibition Chairs

Laura Morgan (University of the West of England), Ricardo O’Nascimento (Loughborough University), Amy Winters (Royal College of Art, London), Emma Wood (Loughborough University)

/// Lille Organising Chair

Clotilde Felix-Fromentin (LACTH – ENSAP Lille)